Why get photos done to look like anyone but yourself? It's my goal to bring out the best of you through photos that reflect who you are at this moment of your life! I believe that photos should look organic rather than a product of harsh editing software. 



While some photographers return heavily retouched galleries, my focus is to keep you looking natural. That being said, although my editing style is very minimalistic, I do make adjustments to enhance the person I'm photographing.

I remove all temporary blemishes such as acne, bruises, etc., but I will keep anything that you ask me to! In occasional circumstances, I also whiten teeth and lightly smooth skin.

Notice how the editing of this photo of Emerald created a much more vibrant and dramatic feel

Notice how Maia is much more vibrant

Notice the removal of prominent acne from Chaz's face

Notice how the photo has a moodier feel to it

Notice how the distracting fence in the background is gone, Will's acne has disappeared, and his teeth are whiter  

Notice the overall color enhancement and sharpening of the photo, as well as how the chromatic aberation in the photo (green lines on trees) have been removed

Notice the enhanced vibrancy and removed flyaway hairs from Lily's forehead

Notice the enhancement of colors and improved clarity of the photo